Core sector growth at five-month high

The growth rate of eight core sector industries rose to five-month high of 6.7 per cent in November on the back of better output in coal, refinery products, electricity and cement.

  • The eight core sector industries are—
    1. coal,
    2. crude oil,
    3. natural gas
    4. refinery products,
    5. fertilizer,
    6. steel,
    7. cement
    8. electricity.
      1. Coal,                                        : 14.5 per cent,
      2. refinery products,                     : 8.1 per cent,
      3. electricity                                  : 10.2 per cent
      4. cement production                   :  11.3 per cent,
  • Registered a growth of respectively in November, as per the data released by the Commerce and Industry Ministry. Steel output during the month under review declined to 1.3 per cent from 10.1 per cent in the same month last year. However, crude oil, natural gas and fertilizer were in the negative zone.

Quick facts:

The core sector contributes 38 per cent in the overall industrial production a parameter that RBI takes into account while framing its monetary policy.

Sources: The Hindu.


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