Scheme for Rating of ITIs to Promote Excellence in Vocational Training

Ministry of Labour and Employment has introduced a scheme for rating of ITIs in order to promote excellence in vocational training.

  • Presently there are about 12000 ITIs in the country.
  • The numbers of ITIs have doubled over the last about five -six years and many more ITIs are proposed to be opened within the next five years.
  • With such a vast rate of growth, it was felt necessary to introduce quality assurance system for these institutions.

About the Rating Scheme:

  • The rating scheme can provide a benchmark for comparison amongst various institutes and trades offered therein.
  • It is also expected to bring a differentiating factor for institutions leading to increased market competition and thereby quality improvement in laggard institutions so that they would remain competitive.
  • The rating will also help students and employers by serving as a formal recognition from the Government about a specified level of quality of training and facilities.
  • The rating of institute will be valid for a period of 2 years.
  • Fee for the rating process will not be regulated. However, the rating agencies will disclose the fees charged to a specific institute.
  • In order to ensure quality of vocational training in ITIs, decision of compulsory re-affiliation of ITIs after five years has also been taken by National Council on Vocational Training (NCVT).
  • Rating system will serve as a management tool to identify problem areas and design appropriate policy intervention.

Sources: PIB.


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