Diesel vehicles get a two-week breather

The National Green Tribunal has extended deadline by two weeks for its proposed ban on plying of diesel vehicles which were more than 10 years old in Delhi.


  • The move comes as a reprieve for the Delhi government, which is grappling with difficulties in implementing the ban.
  • The NGT ordered stay on impounding of decade-old vehicles for the next two weeks during which the agencies concerned will have to come up with scientific views on checking vehicular pollution.
  • The NGT has also sought the Delhi government’s views on a number of issues including imposing higher registration charges and congestion charges for owning more than one vehicle.

What else has the NGT said?

  • The NGT has directed that in these two weeks time,
    • Ministry of Surface Transport, MoEF,
    • Urban Development,
    • Ministry of Petroleum,
    • Delhi government
    • other authorities concerned
  • should submit their complete reasoned and scientifically supported views of all vehicles to be permitted to run in Delhi with reference to all sources of energy/fuel.
  • It has also sought information on a cap on the number of vehicles to be registered in the NCR, Delhi with reference to sources of energy/fuel and incentives to those who adopt pool commutation/travel.

Why stay was necessary?

  • The government, Ministry of Environment and Forests and other stake holders submitted that the prohibitory orders of the NGT are causing serious concern and practical difficulties to the government and the authorities.
  • The Delhi government had also contended that the order was affecting supply of essential commodities like vegetables and basic amenities like waste collecting trucks were also being hit.


  • The National Green Tribunal had recently banned all diesel vehicles over ten years old from plying in Delhi and the National Capital Region and also cracked the whip on rampant construction activity adding dust to the air.
  • The SC had said that diesel vehicles are major source of pollution in the ambient air quality.

Sources: The Hindu.


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