Navy’s stealth destroyer launched

The Indian Navy recently launched the stealth destroyer INS Visakhapatnam at Mumbai’s Mazagon dock.


INS Visakhapatnam is the first of P15-B stealth destroyers.

  • The 163 m long ship, which will be propelled by four gas turbines, is designed to achieve a speed of over 30 knots at a displacement of approximately 7300 tons.
  • This indigenously designed stealth destroyer will have
    • state-of-the-art weapons,
    • sensors,
    • an advance Action Information System,
    • in Integrated Platform Management system,
    • sophisticated Power Distribution System
    • host of other advanced features
  • It will be fitted with supersonic surface-to-surface missile system.
  • The system enables the ship to engage shore-based and naval surface targets at long range making it a lethal platform for strike against enemy targets.
  • The ship’s air defence capability, designed to counter the threat of enemy aircraft and anti-ship cruise missiles, will revolve around the vertical launch and long range surface to air missile system.
  • Indigenously developed twin tube torpedo launchers and rocket launchers will add punch to the ship’s antisubmarine capability.
  • The vessel is follow-on of P15A-Kolkota class destroyers with enhanced features.

Sources: The Hindu, Wiki.


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