RS passes Bill on transgender rights

A private member’s Bill was passed in Rajya Sabha for the first time in over three decades, with MPs cutting across party lines to unanimously endorse by voice vote a proposed legislation that aims to promote the rights of transgenders, including reservations and financial aid.


  • The Bill aims at formulation and implementation of a comprehensive national policy for the upliftment of transgenders.
  • After Act comes into force, there will be strong provisions to prevent abuse and violence towards transgenders.
  • A National Transgender Welfare Commission and a Special Transgender Court will also be set up.
  • There are 58 clauses and 10 chapters in the Bill depicting different aspects of transgenders life from childhood to oldage, so that they are supported and integrated in the society.
  • The bill demands reservation for
    1. Community in education,
    2. Financial assistance
    3. Social inclusion.
  • Introduction of a private member’s bill is a common practice. But such bills, soon after being introduced,
    • are either withdrawn,
    • left pending, or
    • are taken up in the other house.
  • Tamil Nadu was the first State to constitute a welfare board for the transgender community in the Country.

Sources: The Hindu.


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