Details of Earthquake that Occured Today with Its Epicenter in Nepal

An Earthquake of magnitude 7.9 occurred  saturday at 11.41 A.M  IST (Indian Standard Time) at a depth of 10 Km with its Epicentral Region located in Nepal about 80 Km NW of Kathmandu. Its Latitude and Longitude are 28.1 N and 84.6 E respectively.

The impact of the earthquake has been felt in almost all northern States in India particularly in

  1. Bihar,
  2. Uttar Pradesh,
  3. Sikkim,
  4. West Bengal.

Effects of this earthquake were severely felt in all northern and central parts of India including in the capital city of New Dellhi. A broad graphical representation of the earthquake showing the magnitude in varying colours as on the right of the graphic is as below


Immediately in about ten minutes of occurrence of the quake the

  1. Indian Tsunami Early Warning Center (ITEWC) of INCOIS- Indian Nation Center for Ocean Information Services
  2. IMD

also sent alert to all higher authorities of the government indicating the epicenter and the magnitude of the quake.


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