High costs push surgical care out of reach

The Global Surgery 2030 Study released recently says that five billion people globally do not have access to safe, affordable surgery and anaesthesia when they need them.

Important observations made by the Study:

  • A third of all deaths in 2010 — nearly 17 million lives lost in all — were from conditions treatable with surgery, such as appendicitis, fractures and childbirth complications.
  • Even among those who are able to access surgery, its costs often lead to financial ruin. A quarter of people worldwide who have a surgical procedure incur costs that they cannot afford, pushing them into poverty.
  • Areas with high incidence of acute abdominal mortality in India were more likely to be located further from a hospital capable of providing appropriate
  • emergency surgical care than areas with low mortality. The odds only grew with distance from the hospital.
    In the absence of surgical care, common, easily treatable illnesses become fatal.

Sources: The Hindu.


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