Kannagi temple renovation possible, says archaeologist

Department of Archaeology, Kerala, has said that Mangala Devi Kannagi Temple can be renovated but a sketch or portrait of the original temple is required to restore it to its original shape.

The Mangala Devi Kannagi temple is located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

  • The temple was constructed 1,800 years ago and the structure was now in a dilapidated condition.
  • The only evidence for the temple available in Tamil literature is in Silappathikaram.

  • Since the temple is within the Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR), prior permission from the Supreme Court, Union Ministry of Environment and Forests and National Board for Wild Life is essential before undertaking renovation work.

About Kannagi:

kannagi ancient siteKannagi is a legendary Tamil woman who forms the central character of the Tamil epic Silapathikaram (100-300 CE).

  • The story relates how Kannagi took revenge on Pandyan King of Madurai, for a mistaken death penalty imposed on her husband Kovalan, by cursing the city.
  • One of Stree Shakti Puraskar (Women Power Award) awards is named after her.

Sources: The Hindu, Wiki.


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