City rly. station to be renamed after Sangolli Rayanna

Bangalore City Railway Station has been renamed as “Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna” Railway Station.

Sangolli Rayanna (15 August 1798 – 26 January 1831) was a prominent warrior from Karnataka, India.

  • Rayanna was born on 15 August 1798.
  • He was the army chief of the Kingdom of Kittur ruled at the time by Rani Chennamma and fought the British East India Company till his death.
  • Sangolli Rayanna also participated in the 1824 rebellion and was arrested by the British, who released him later.
  • He continued to fight the British and wanted to install adopted son Shivalingappa as the ruler of Kittur.
  • He mobilised local people and started a guerilla type war against the British.
  • He and his “army” moved from place to place, burnt government offices, waylaid British troops and plundered treasuries. Most of his land was confiscated and what remained of it was heavily taxed.
  • He taxed the landlords and built up an army from the masses.
  • The British troops could not defeat him in open battle. Hence, by treachery, he was caught in April 1831 and tried by the British; and sentenced to death.
  • Shivalingappa, the boy who was supposed to be the new ruler, was also arrested by the British.
  • Rayanna was executed by hanging to death from a Banyan tree about 4 kilometers from Nandagad in Belgaum district on 26 January 1832.
  • Rayanna was helped by Gajaveera, a Siddi warrior, in his revolt against the British in 1829-30

Sources: The Hindu, WIkipedia


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