Manipur’s Ngapang revealed to world as new catfish species

Scientists from the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) have discovered a new species of catfish, Glyptothorax senapatiensis , in the Chindwin river drainage in Senapati district of Manipur.

About the Fish:

  • It is a small but edible fish with high nutritional value and a lot of oil content.
  • The fish has a thoracic adhesive apparatus that helps it cling on to the rocky riverbed in mountains against strong currents. All Glyptothorax-genus fish have this characteristic.

Manipur has a high diversity of aquatic fauna because of the two important river drainage systems. The western half is fed by the Barak-Brahmaputra drainage and the eastern and central valleys are crisscrossed by the Chindwin river drainage, and these account for the variety in the aquatic fauna.

Sources: The Hindu.


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