Heat wave warning issued in Telangana

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued warning that heat wave conditions would prevail in some parts of Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Nalgonda districts of Telangana for the next two-days. Temperature in these districts has crossed 46 degree celsius.

Heat Wave:

A heat wave is a combination of temperture and humidity for a prolonged period. Generally, temperature is more above the average high temperature for the region. It is an extended period of very high summer temperature with the potential to adversely affect communities. High temperature are often accompanied by high humidity, that the body cannot tolerate are defined as extreme heat. A heat wave is a very dangerous situation and major threat to lives

  • Heat Wave is said to occur when the maximum temperature exceeds 40⁰C in the plains and 30⁰C in the hills. Further, the departure from the seasonal average should be 5-6⁰C, while a severe heat wave is 7⁰C or more above average. In temperate countries, the ceiling is much lower.
  • India’s biggest “hot-spot”, as measured by IMD stations, is Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. It suffered from as many as 30 heat wave days in 1964and 35 in 1996, the biggest numbers recorded by any station. It figures most frequently among locations in India – as many as 18 years out of 39 – which have registered more than 15 heat wave days in a year over the half-century.
  • Heat Waves affect human beings, animals and even damage crops.
  • Occurance: Heat waves form when high pressure aloft strengthens and remains over a region for several days up to several weeks. This is common in summer (in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres) as the jet stream ‘follows the sun’. High pressure up traps heat near the ground, forming a heat wave.

Sources: The Hindu, Wiki.


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