Electronic toll set to roll out at 33 places

Electronic toll collection will soon become a reality with tests currently being carried out at 33 plazas in the State.


How electronic toll works?

  • The vehicles will have the radio frequency identity (RFID) tags. Equipment to scan radio frequency identity cards will be installed at the plazas.
  • The banks will set up counters to sell recharge coupons and the radio frequency identity (RFID) tags that will be affixed on the vehicles.
  • If there is no balance in the RFID tags, the gates at the plaza – boom barriers will not open.
  • The funds thus collected by Banks will be transferred to the concessionaires (the firm holding the rights).

Once money is deducted according to vehicle category the vehicle owner will receive a short messaging service alert from the bank. This technology is used world over and is already available in many plazas in the country.


  • Electronic tolling will reduce waiting time at plazas and lead to fuel savings.
  • This will also ensure that there is no over-charging by the concessionaires.
  • One lane will be dedicated to vehicles with RFID tags at all toll plazas. Frequent travelers and heavy vehicles can avail these cards. There will be a one-time registration.

However, truck owners are skeptical about the scheme. They say that they cannot invest huge amounts in advance.

Sources: The Hindu.


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