New species of frog, fish found in Western Ghats

Researchers have discovered a new fish species and three types of tadpoles in Western Ghats of India.


Newly discovered fish species: Pethiastriata- it was found along the streams of the Tunga in the Kudremukh National Park, Karnataka.


  • Pethiastriata is described as a small fish, with a length of around 4 cm. The male is reddish in colour and the female, greyish.
  • The species thrive in shallow pools of gently flowing water and are found in small groups of around four.
  • The fish differ from existing species on seven characteristics, including dark outer edges of scales that give them a distinct striped pattern.

Species of tadpoles: They belong to the species of Nyctibatrachus (meaning ‘night frog’) — N. kumbara (‘potter frog’), N. kempholeyensis (named after the Kempuhole stream) and N. jog (named after the waterfall).

  • These species of tadpoles were found for the first time in the narrow streams of the Sharavati in Karnataka.

Sources: The Hindu.


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