Preliminary work on shifting Tipu’s Armoury begins

Preliminary work on shifting the 18th century armoury belonging to Tipu Sultan’s period at Srirangapatna has begun. The project will cost about Rs. 13.66 crore.

Why is it being shifted?

  • The 900-tonne historical armoury, made of lime mortar and bricks, has been hampering the work on track-doubling between Bengaluru and Mysuru, as it bisects the alignment of the second track.
  • The track doubling was necessitated by increase in number of commuters between the two cities. As many as 19 trains, including 13 expresses, run between the two cities every day .

The monument will be shifted to a new site with technical support from the National Design and Research Forum, and the consent/supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India and the National Monuments Authority. The Department of State Archaeology, Heritage and Museums had identified a new place about 100 metres away from the existing location for the monument.

Sources: The Hindu, BS.


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