More housewives committing suicide, NCRB records show

Recently released data by the National Crime Records Bureau shows that fifteen people commit suicide every hour in India. Of these, around 17% are housewives.

  • The NCRB divides the total suicides into 10 professional categories — housewife, service (government), service (private), public sector undertaking, student, unemployed, self-employed (business activity), farming/agriculture activity, retired and others.

Other details:

  • The data shows that 1.3 lakh people committed suicide in 2013. Among suicides by women, a whopping 51.4% are committed by housewives (almost 23,000).
  • The previous Census in 2011 recorded that 52% of India’s population married at least once. The 2013 NCRB data shows that a whopping 76 per cent of all suicides are by people who have married at least once.
  • According to some experts, the stress and pressures faced by housewives are a leading cause of suicide. This problem is exacerbated by modern lifestyles and occupations. To compound this problem, social stigma surrounding mental illness, or even the perception of mental illness, makes it next to impossible for the women to seek professional help.
  • Suicide by farmers makes up 3% of all suicides.

Sources: The Hindu.


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