Presiding officers told to press close button at the end of poll

In a bid to prevent manipulation of EVMs, the Election Commission recently directed all presiding officers in Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar Assembly Constituency, Chennai to press the close button after the end of poll.

What else has the EC said?

  • All presiding officers should draw a line at the end of poll after the last entry in Form 17-A, and should record the signed statement, obtaining the signatures of all polling agents, as may be present.
  • They should also give an attested copy of the Account of Votes Recorded (in Form 17C) at the end of poll to all such polling agents as may be present, irrespective of their asking for it or not.

These set of directions were issued following complaints in the previous elections that the presiding officers have failed to close the EVMs by pressing the ‘close button’ at the end of poll. Candidates have said the failure to close EVM is likely to lead to suspicion about manipulation.

Sources: The Hindu.


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