Chap 1 : Economic Outlook and Policy Challenges 

Chap 2 : Fiscal Framework

Chap 3: ‘Wiping Every Tear From Every Eye’ : The JAM Number Trinity Solution

Chap 4 : The Investment Climate Stalled Projects, Debt Overhaul and The Equity Puzzle

Chap 5 : Credit, Structure & Double Financial Repression : Diagnosis of the Banking Sector

Chap 6 : Putting Public Investment on Track : The Rail Route to Higher Growth

Chap 7 : What to Make In India? Manufacturing or Service ?

Chap 8 : A National Market For Agriculture Commodities- Some Issue and ay Forward

Chap 9 : From Carbon Subsidy to Carbon Tax : India’s Green Actions

Chap 10 : The Fourteenth Finance Commission (FCC)-Implications for Fiscal Federalism in India ?


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