1. Don’t let the exam pressurize you
  2.  Don’t waste your life in doubts and fears
  3. Make mistakes, but make them quick
  4.  Live your successes
  5. Walt Disney Quote
  6. Do What You Can
  7. Start With The Desire
  8. Facing Society
  9. Understanding Your Situation
  10. Mistakes
  11. Reasons Are Easy
  12. Proof of Failure
  13. Faults and Remedies
  14. Taking Decisions
  15. Decisions
  16. Beliefs
  17. Best In Life
  18. Success In Life
  19. Defining An Aspirant
  20. Knowing and Doing
  21. Sayers and Doers
  22. Can I Clear
  23. There Is A Lot To Be Afraid About
  24. Importance Of Doing Writing Practice
  25. The Dream Speaks for Itself
  26. You Are Not Too Small To Make A Difference
  27. Money Doesn’t Excite Me
  28. Giving Up
  29. The Goals Will Take You Places
  30. Confidence
  31. What Are You Reacting To?
  32. We Are What We Think
  33. We All Are In The Same Boat
  34. Fears: Face Them
  35. The One Thing You Need To Work On
  36. The Way You See The Problem
  37. How will your results change if you keep doing the same thing?
  38. Don’t Worry
  39. The Dream Starts With You
  40. Frightened or Afraid?
  41. Is IAS the greatest risk you have taken?
  42. How smart should you be to clear IAS?
  43. How many years would you need to prepare for IAS?
  44. What questions do you ask about UPSC?
  45. Where do questions take you?
  46. Is it going against you?
  47. Why Worry?
  48.  As long as you don’t stop
  49. How scared are you of the exams?
  50. Are you happy with the process?
  51. Don’t let the exam pressurize you
  52. I agree it tires you, do it anyway!
  53. Don’t waste your life in doubts and fears
  54. Make mistakes, but make them quick
  55. Live your successes
  56. As long as you don’t stop
  57. It is how we see the exam!
  58. What is your biggest challenge?
  59. What do you believe?
  60. Do you know everything?
  61. Why should the competition be so tight?
  62. How much do you love this?
  63. Are circumstances very challenging?
  64. What drives you?
  65. This is not time for ease and comfort!
  66. How extraordinary do you have to be?
  67. 3 Essentials to reach your goal!
  68. The only Good Luck you need!
  69. What factors hold you back?
  70. Are you thoroughly satisfied with your preparation?
  71. FOCUS
  72. Choose to be Optimistic
  73. Keep Going!
  74. You want it? Well, go get it!
  75. The results are out!
  76. How to handle people who keep asking you why you didn’t make it?
  77. The world is not going to be kind!
  78. How many times should you try?
  79. Need a push!
  80. Fear
  81. Is the preparation making you go through a lot of pain?
  82. Do it anyway!
  83. It will Work!
  84. If you think you are being pushed down by the exam!
  85. Are the mistakes irritating you?
  86. You gotta believe in yourself!
  87. What you do today matters!
  88. You have to believe says Nick Kyrgis
  89. It’s difficult, I agree
  90. 5 inspiring quotes from Mahatma Gandhi
  91. Roger Federer – Play With the Pain!
  92. If you are going through hell, keep going!

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